Save Money and Accelerate Your Project Schedule

Structural Steel & Misc Metal Services

Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Services

We understand time is money. The Structural and Miscellaneous Metal Services we offer help you minimize cost while accelerating your project schedules.

We work around your schedule to effectively minimize downtime and maximize facility productivity.

We Are Experts In:

  • Structural Steel Framing
  • Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication - Platforms, Mezzanines, Catwalks, Ladders, Cross-overs, Stairs and Handrails
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Joist, Girders, Metal Decking
  • Truss & Building Reinforcement
  • Boiler Breaching
  • Custom Brackets and Steel Components
  • Plastic Clean Tunnel
  • Animal Caging
  • Crane Rail Systems


We Invest In the Latest Technology - to Save our Customers Time and Money



PythonX is a robotic CNC plasma cutting system that has revolutionized structural steel fabrication.  We are able to process parts faster for your project to help you meet and beat your deadlines. *


 Robotic Plasma System for automated structural steel fabrication

 * See Fabrication Services for more in-house equipment


Save Time & Money with Modular Fabrication

Whenever possible, Doral will fabricate and assemble your steel projects in-house to save time and labor costs in the field. 

We are able to pre-assemble parts of many projects in our facility and then transport them to the field in large components.  We are able to save our customers time and money by working in our controlled environment instead of fighting all of the obstacles and conditions in the field ie. weather, space constraints, worker safety, etc.


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  • We are able to fabricate large scale products in-house in our 100,000+ square foot shop
  • We can support any size project in the field
  • Doral employs over 100 Field and Shop Personnel  (Millwrights, Ironworkers, Sheet Metal Workers, etc.)





St. Augustine School 4 Story Structural Framing

Continued Progress on St. Augustine School


Handrails and Structural Steel Platform


Staging area for (x amount of tons) of structural steel for a GC building a cheese packaging plant in Wisconsin

Staging Area Structural Steel for Cheese Packaging Plant in Wisconsin


Doral Fabricates and Transports a Main Frame Member for Erection




 Demolition and Replacement of Platform (Stainless Steel)



Doral Installed Temporary Shoring to Support a Fire Damaged Roof in a 15,000 sqft Facility, then Fabricated and Installed Permanent Steel to Reinforce the Building


Doral Can Custom Cut Large Structural Beams


 Hot dipped galvanized cat walk    Hot dipped galvanized cat walk

 Hot Dipped Galvanized Cat Walk


 Doral Fabricates Stainless Steel Stack and Stack Support Steel

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