Conveyor Equipment Installation

Industrial Fabrication, Machinery Moving and Rigging Experts

As a third-generation, family owned and operated company, Doral Corporation delivers value with reliable equipment, rapid response-time, and over 45 years of industry expertise. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Doral has proven to be a trusted resource for organizations including many small businesses to several of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies. Partner with Doral Corp for your equipment installation, machinery moving, and erecting needs.

Multifaceted Contractor Serving Every Industry

We’re up to any challenge. By relying on our experience, the teams at Doral Corp provide nationwide services to the following industries:

•    Food Processing
•    Food Preparations
•    Flavorings
•    Canning
•    Beverage
•    Brewing
•    Bottling
•    Dairy
•    Cheese Processing
•    Meat Packing
•    Corrugated
•    Pulp & Paper
•    Printing
•    Plastics
•    Packaging
•    Chemical
•    Pharmaceutical
•    Distribution Centers
•    Industrial Machinery
•    Agriculture
•    Foundry
•    Steel Mills
•    Machine Shop
•    Fabricating
•    Cement
•    Aggregate
•    Textile Mills
•    Government
•    Transportation
•    Electrical

Doral Equipment Rental’s Forklifts, Riggers, and Cranes

Finish every job the right way by exploring the potential accomplishments to be made with our extensive selection of lift equipment rentals. Versa-Lift, Rigger Lift and TrakSporter are leading brands built for power and versatility. Our inventory of forklifts, scissor lifts, riggers, gantry cranes and additional lift equipment are available nationwide for your rigging project.

Surpass All of Your Business Needs

Our customer service program offers expertise in engineering and drafting, plus crane and heavy hauling services. We also provide complete warehousing solutions with a capacity of over 500,000 square feet for heated storage space. Other amenities are rounded out by O.H. Crane service, gantry service and complete sprinkler and security systems. Contact Doral Corp for a free estimate or you run the risk of juggling companies and bills rather than utilizing one exclusive, all-encompassing service. Our comprehensive skillset is more than equipped to patch every individual hole in your business.

Conveyor Equipment Installation
Contact Doral Corp for conveyor equipment installation among a range of other services.